PSA Part 2: Samsung Wave now said to be virus free

Yesterday morning, we wrote a quick blurp letting you guys know to be wary of the just-launched Samsung Wave, given that it purportedly shipped with a nasty little auto-executing virus.

For all those keeping up with this little mini-debacle (and for those about to ride the Wave themselves), we’ve got good news: according to Samsung, it’s all cleared up.

The statement we received from a Samsung rep:

In relation to your story on the Samsung Wave and the reported virus that has been found on some SD cards sold with the product in Germany, we wanted to let you know that this is an isolated issue that took place solely in the German market. As soon as the problem was identified the issue was immediately resolved. All products currently available on the market have been tested and are perfectly safe to use. To be absolutely clear – this problem does not and did not affect the UK.

So, there we have it. Be it that Samsung really did manage to ensure every product that went out the door in the German market got tested, we can consider this virus Norton’d.