Motorola ousted as top US handset seller (Korea rising!)

We’re talking tenths of a percentage point here, but symbolic events require only symbolic statistics. In this case, Motorola has been double-bumped from its long-held 1st-place spot in US handset sales — it’s now in 3rd, after Samsung and LG. That’s according to Comscore, which released April numbers showing Moto losing its precarious lead as it dropped from a 22.9% to 21.6% share of mobiles.

The relaunch of the Motorola brand with MOTOBLUR might help it gain back a few of those points, as Android-based phones penetrate further into the feature phone market. Can Moto get its groove back? I can’t say I’m really rooting for them, after all that RAZR nonsense. They brought this on themselves, and whether they can climb out of the grave they’ve been digging for the last three or four years is an open question. More stats at Electronista.