Inspired Instruments Raises $1.25M, Lets You Rock Out On A Digital Guitar (Video)

Inspired Instruments, makers of a portable, real-string digital guitar dubbed the You Rock Guitar, has raised $1.25 million from a number of private investors in preparation for the launch of the You Rock Guitar platform and to move forward with a line of accessories and software solutions.

The company’s flagship product, the You Rock Guitar, is a mobile digital guitar and game controller that plays nice with the Wii, PlayStation 3, your computer, iPod / iPhone, iPad, your amplifier or stereo and with popular games like Guitar Hero and RockBand.

The round of funding, Inspired Instruments’ first, was led by co-founder and CEO Kevin Kent and Executive Vice President JR deSouza. Says co-founder and president Cliff Elion:

“We are ready to take Inspired Instruments to the next level by expanding the distribution, infrastructure and product development team. By securing capital for this venture, we are right on track to truly bridge the gap between playing games and playing real instruments. In fact, Kevin and I did our first MIDI guitar more than 25 years ago and sold that to Gibson – this guitar leaves that technology in the dust.”

You can’t buy one straight away, though – the company says they’re currently back-ordered. According to the website, the product will set you back $219.99 (list price).

It’s an interesting idea for sure – check out the video below for more.