Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Apps

Jimmy Fallon is so excited about the new iPhone 4 that he gave a preview of some new apps which his comedy writers created for the device. Okay, they are just gags (it would be pretty funny if they actually created these apps though). Fallon demos some of the apps in the clip above. My favorite is Axel Rose singing relaxing music. One of the songs is called “Ocean Waves.”

Whoa-ho, Ocean Waves, they relax you into a slumber. Whoa-ho, yeah, take a nap.

The Bieber Yourself app is also pretty good. You take a picture of yourself and it shows you what you would look like if you had Justin Beiber’s haircut (cough, Dennis Crowley). Finally, he shows “Plants and Reisers,” a game in which you have to protect your house from zombie Paul Reisers. Don’t ask.