Sprint EVO 4G sells out online, nation wide

Selling out of a new device in one or two real stores is one thing — they generally only have 20 or 30 handsets to begin with. But running out of stock for your online storefront? That’s an impressive feat.

With that said: If you were planning on running home from work today and ordering yourself an EVO, you might want to take a deep breath before clicking through the jump.

Yep: Sprint.com is entirely out of EVO 4Gs. They’ve got more on the way, of course, but there’s no ETA just yet. Making things worse, it seems like meatspace stores are still entirely stripped, as well; I just called around a dozen of them, and they’re all claiming to have sold their last EVO days ago, with small shipments coming in sporadically.

Glad to see that Sprint’s seeing some success here, but unless they want people getting impatient andgiving in to that new guy, they better get them back in stock quick — or at least fire up another series of pre-orders.

[Thanks Dave!]