700 IP addresses from Hurt Locker BitTorrent lawsuits released: See if you're one of the lucky ones!

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Around 700 IP addresses implicated in the Hurt Locker BitTorrent downloads lawsuit have been released. They’re part of the public record so it’s not like these addresses were surreptitiously acquired or anything like that. One interesting observation: none of the IP addresses belong to Time Warner, the one ISP that’s putting up a fight. Hmm?

The exciting thing to do is check if your current IP address is on the list. I mean, there’s a good chance your ISP uses dynamic IP addresses, which means that the IP address at the time of downloading could be different that they one you have right now.

In any event, the easiest way to check your IP address is just to go to ipchicken.com. Bam, that’s your IP address. Now see if you can find yourself on the list. Very exciting!

Of course, as we’ve talked about for years now, the idea of using an IP address to identify someone is pretty silly. Who’s to say that some punk kid in your apartment building either hopped onto your unencrypted Wi-Fi connection, or that he cracked the encryption for funsies. Then he loaded up a Hurt Locker torrent and got you in trouble. It could very well happen. And it’s not like that scenario required a PhD in computer science to pull off. Seriously, any teen can pull that off with a few hours of free time on a Saturday.