Video: Nexus One hacked to shoot 720p video

Nexus One 720p HDYou really gotta love the peeps over at XDA. The latest in their long list of awesome achievements is a hack that brings the ability to shoot 720p video on the Nexus One.

Currently, the only Android phone that can shoot in 720p is the battery-suckin’ behemoth, the EVO 4G. This isn’t something that the XDA Nexus One owners thought should be the case, so they’ve whipped up an for Cyanogen Mod 5.0.8 test3 and above that allows 720p video shooting in the (now modified) video camera app.

The creator says that updates are coming soon that will give Froyo compatibility, as well as 480p video recording and improved audio and frame rate.

You can witness the 8 seconds of glory in the sample video, embedded below.

If you’re convinced this is for you, you should head on over to XDA to grab the necessary files.

[via Engadget]