Droid Incredible finally rooted for real… kinda

HTC Incredible rootHave you sat frustrated as Android device after Android device fell to the power of the root, while your HTC Incredible sat there, lamenting its legitimacy?

Have no fear! Your root is here!

…kind of.

Over at the XDA forums, two HTC Incredibles have indeed been rooted, but the process is not consistently repeatable, and actually involves luck and good timing.

Needless to say, the creators of the root — the Unrevoked Team — are working hard at making this step a) repeatable, and b) easier. But progress is progress, and this is a wonderful glimmer of hope for the ROM-tweaking Incredible crowd.

Interested? You can head on over to the Unrevoked Team’s wiki to get the full instructions, but, if I were you… I probably wouldn’t try it out just yet. That’s just me, though.

We’ll keep you posted as more details arise.

[via Android Central]