iPhone 4's screen may be tough, but don't think that it's shatter proof

iPhone 4 smashed screenI’m sure we all know at least 2 or 3 people that have accidentally dropped their iPhone and watched in horror as the screen shattered into so many tiny pieces. It may have even happened to you.

So, I’m sure you were pleased when Apple showed off how tough the new screen on the upcoming iPhone 4 was. I mean, they bent it like 30 degrees, fer cryin’ out loud! That’s like a million more degrees than the previous screen could bend, right?

But what they didn’t show you was how it handled being dropped from waist height onto the ground. Three times. It took iFix your i to do that, and I’ve got some bad news: it didn’t survive.

Of course bending tension is different to the shock of a drop, but also to blame is the different bezel on the iPhone 4.

Y’see, on previous iPhones, the glass was counter-sunk so that it was flush with the bezel. On the iPhone 4, however, the glass sticks out a bit, so the bezel offers no protection. Drop this phone on the wrong angle, and it’s game over, just like all the other iPhones.

Moral of this story: buy yourself a protective case. And don’t play with butter.

[via Slashgear]