Spotify launches on TVs in Sweden and Finland with TeliaSonera

Is Spotify’s future in devices and services? Like “intel inside”, it’s beginning to feel like Spotify – the hot streaming music service in Europe which is said to be prepping a US launch – may have a better future dealing with service providers and device manufacturers than trying to go direct to consumers.

That at least is the impression as today it launched its streaming music service on TVs across Sweden and Finland as of today, partnering with a Nordic telecommunications giant to do it.

TeliaSonera’s 120,000 digital TV customers will now get instant, remote control access to Spotify, so long as they are existing Spotify Premium subscribers.

We know Spotify’s mobile apps on the iPhone, Android and Symbian smartphone platforms are driving uptake of the service because it makes it convenient. There remains a cut-down version as free on the PC, which Spotify is clearly using as a way to allow consumers to taste the service, with advertising. But when they want to go mobile, or are sophisticated enough to streaming via a PC, they are moving into the emerging app space on TVs.

Although Daniel Ek, CEO, says he wants to make Spotify available “wherever you are” the reality is they want you to pay for convenience.

This news is the culmination of a deal signed last October, where TeliaSonera become the exclusive operator in Sweden to sell, market and assist in the development of Spotify.