Sprint 4G lights up in Los Angeles, but only temporarily

Got an EVO 4G? Live in Los Angeles? Get ready! It’s Easter Egg huntin’ time!

Early yesterday, reports started trickling in that Sprint had fired up 4G service in Los Angeles — but here’s the catch: it wasn’t working in all of Los Angeles, or even consistently in the same spots.

As it turns out, Sprint’s just test firing things right now. They’re booting up a 4G tower here, a 4G tower there — but once they’ve ran their tests, they’re turning (most of) them back off.

With that said, get to hunting! If you’ve got an EVO, you’re paying the $10 a month for 4G anyway — might as well get some use out of it, right? Let us know if you find any 4G zones down in the comments below, so we can all rush over and bask in the radio waves of the future.