Several Spankin' Samsung Smartphones shown in Singapore

Upcoming Samsung Smartphones
The CommunicAsia event is happening in Singapore right now, and Samsung came clean today, admitting that they will announce 5 new phones across 3 OSes at the event tomorrow.

That’s almost as many phones as there are ‘S’ words in the post title.

The list includes their follow up to the Bada-powered Wave, the imaginatively entitled Wave 2, as well as a physical keyboard packin’ variant, the Wave 2 Pro.

Samsung will also announce the Windows Mobile-powered Omnia Pro 4. Yeah, I have a hard time getting excited over a WinMo 6.5 device, too. Perhaps, though, Samsung will surprise us all and announce that it’ll be powered by the entirely-more-interesting Windows Phone 7.

Finally — and perhaps more interestingly — the announcement will also involve some Android devices to complement the Galaxy S. You can catch a glimpse of the devices in the picture, below. The one on the right is the I5500, but you’ll have to wait for the official announcement for details on the one on the left.

[via Samsung Hub]

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