Abine Launches To Help Web Users Regain Control Over Their Privacy, Acquires T.A.C.O.

Online privacy is a hot topic at the moment, especially when it comes to the browser and social networks. Online privacy company Abine is launching today to provide consumers with comprehensive tools to control and protect their personal information online. Abine has also acquired Firefox privacy add-on T.A.C.O., which is short for “Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-out.” TACO allows any Internet user to opt-out from personally targeted advertising.

TACO will become part of Abine’s suite of privacy tools. The new version of the add-on has been upgraded both to allows you to opt-out of even more ad-networks and to block hundreds of other Web tracking technologies used by companies (including Google, AOL, Yahoo!, Facebook, and Microsoft), to collect, store and sell extremely personal information about individuals’ Internet activity. TACO 3.0 also added support for Internet Explorer.

Abine’s other privacy apps in its suite include a secure log-in app, a plug-in to protect your email and phone number, and an automatic form filling app. Privacy is a huge consumer concern at the moment, so Abine’s launch and acquisition of TACO is timely.