Conductor Launches SEO Platform Searchlight To The Public

Conductor, a New York-based provider of SEO measurement and optimization solutions, has publicly launched Conductor Searchlight, the startup’s search engine optimization (SEO) operating system. The platform was previously in private beta and has been used by 30 companies, including Siemans, over the past few months.

Conductor markets technology which aims to empower online marketers and interactive agencies to gather reliable data on their SEO efforts, make better decisions on capturing natural search market share and accurately measure ROI for their employers or clients. Searchlight’s offering helps marketers to analyze large amounts of data, identify opportunities in SEO strategy and improve their search ranking across thousands of individual keyword terms.

Features include a dashboard for visibility into a brand’s SEO status as well as its competitors, scientific analysis around hundreds of data points explaining the causes and effects of a brand’s success in SEO, real-time recommendations for improving natural search rankings – ranging from quick fixes to long-term strategies. and recommendations and instructions on how to make the quickest impact.

Conductor, which just raised $10 million and was co-founded by Seth Besmertnik and Jeremy Duboys back in 2005, is playing an interesting field where there’s undoubtedly still quite some room for growth, but it’s up against some stiff competition from other companies including Marin Software and Kenshoo, although these focus more on the SEM i.e. paid search part of the business.