It's now Sony's 3D world

Sony’s future isn’t motion control, but yet the other current home entertainment gimmick, 3D. Oh sure, Sony is fully embracing motion control as well with the Move and it works great, but let’s not call these two flavor of the weeks anything more than they are. They’re not revolutionary, groundbreaking, or really innovative. Both are nothing more than gimmicks but only one is here to stay.

However Sony might be in a better position than even Microsoft when it comes to marketing and selling consumers on their latest features. Unlike Microsoft’s $150 Kinect add-on, 3D is built directly into every single PS3. Many pundits talked down the expensive PS3 when it launched four years ago, but the system was and still is the most powerful gaming system on the market, which is how Sony is able get away with this.

All this power is allowing Sony to build items like 3D gaming right into the system with nothing more than a firmware update. Of course users will need a 3D-ready TV and glasses and those aren’t cheap. Sony is looking to the future, though. The company has been touting the PS3’s 10 year life cycle all along and we’re just four years into it. 3D is being adapted by many TV manufacturers soon the system will be built-into most TVs, eliminating a consumer’s buying decision and making the PS3’s capabilities look so much more enticing.

Content is king, though, and there are some major titles headed for 3D on the PS3. Some are Move-enabled, but most use a tradition controller showing that Sony knows not everyone wants to get off their couch and swing a sword.

Killzone 3 hits early next year, then there’s the new Mortal Kombat, NBA 2K11, Grand Turismo 5, Crysis 2 and Tron The Video Game to name just a few. It’s safe to say that most of the upcoming PS3 hits will be 3D-enabled.

3D is Sony’s next big thing. We saw it at CES 2010 and it’s just as big here at E3. Ready or not, 3D is the future of Sony.