T-Mo: Every phone is free on June 19

In honor of dear old Dad, T-Mobile is offering every phone free-as-in-beer at their stores. Considering that iDay is only a week or so away, I’d worry about uptake on this offer but if your Dad is one of those weird types who doesn’t let you watch TV or use the Internet and instead is training you how to make chainsaw sculptures in your dusty back yard, scaring a set of mangy dogs into hiding every time he rolls out of bed and into the porch screaming “Who set my beers out and didn’t cool ’em!” and then when you try to tell him that he bought the beers the night before and didn’t put them away and that you were doing homework he says “Go get the saw. We’re making a chipmunk. Where’s your momma?” and you tell him Momma’s been gone for three years now and he just shakes his head and mumbles something about the guy at the gym, then you probably won’t know about this deal – or any deal, really – anyway.