CLIQ and Backflip users to get 2.1 this year (but where's 2.2?)

This little chart indicates pretty clearly that the CLIQ and CLIQ XT will be getting the 2.1 update in Q2 2010, which is to say pretty soon. The Backflip and DEXT variant of the CLIQ will be getting it in Q3. Man, people can talk all they want about the definition of fragmentation and all that, but the fact is it’s hard as hell to keep track of this stuff. I’m resigned to the fact that my G1 might just be 1.6 forever, but there are a lot of consumers out there curious why they’re hearing about Android features that they clearly don’t have. 2.2, anybody?

And what’s with the “by Motorola” thing on every mention of the Droid? Is that really necessary?

At any rate, we’ll let you know when these go live, or if they change.

[via Gizmodo]