Nintendo offers (standard) warning regarding children playing games in 3D

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime mentioned during a recent interview that people should be wary of their children playing 3D games for too long (or for any time at all). I suppose it’s a good idea to be on the record with this since the DS audience skews pretty low, but really, there’s no difference between Nintendo’s warning and Samsung’s.

3D in general has the potential to mess up your vision (studies are being conducted), simply because it tricks your brain into seeing depth where there isn’t. Eye fatigue can result from trying to focus on the “distant” objects, but being unable to, since obviously they are on the same plane as the “near” objects.

Rest assured, it’s not going to make your toddler cross-eyed just to encounter a 3DS, it’s just a safety warning that you should probably heed as well.

Hmm. I need to write a bigger post about this. Look for it this weekend.