Best Buy iPhone inventory details leak

iPhone 4 Best Buy inventory detailsLooks like Best Buy’s inventory details for the iPhone 4 launch have leaked out, and — if you were one of the many unlucky iPhone luvahs that were unable to place a pre-order last week — you may want to plan your June 24th around the details.

The skinny of it is that most stores are receiving anywhere between 20 and 70 phones.

I guess a good idea would be to find a store that is small enough to be less popular, but has enough stock to give you a fighting chance. I’ll leave that equation up to the mathematicians in the audience.

It’s not yet clear if any white iPhones will be available on June 24th (they weren’t able to be pre-ordered), but it seems here that stores have placed orders for them. Time will tell, but don’t count on it.

[via iClarified]