Innpu solves a problem you never had, introduces the 'wired phone' with built-in hands-free

Ok, so I’m not one of those guys that goes around holding their phone in one hand, and a hands-free microphone (irony duly noted) in the other in an effort to lose friends. In fact, I’m not even one of those guys that unwraps their included hands-free kit when they get a new phone. I just don’t use handsfree kits. If you call me when I’m driving, I let it ring out.

So I may not be in the best position to talk about Innpu’s new phone. You know, the one that has a permanently attached hands-free kit.

Do I just not get it? Do those freaky types that I mentioned above often lament the fact that they have to plug in their hands-free kit? Do they also lament the invention of the wireless hands-free? Do they not like the concepts of “choice” or “replace-ability”? Have they never jammed a headphone in a car door?

What I’m trying to get at here is this: why on Earth would you want a phone that can only be used by plugging a headphone into your ear? Retractable cables or not, I don’t see this as in any way being a good idea. 1) the sound quality will be terrible, so it’s no good for music, 2) if the earpiece or microphone breaks, it doesn’t seem like you can replace it 3) ever used a retractable cable? It’s only a matter of time before they tangle up and become useless, or the spring mechanism stops working. Replacing a $5 hands-free is no drama when the cable isn’t hard-wired to your phone. I really don’t get this thing.

Full press release can be found below. Have a read: Innpu’s goals appear to be very noble, if not based in reality.

Oh, and a quick note: phone radiation isn’t harmful.

NEW YORK, June 21 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Since the introduction of the BlackBerry and iPhone, smart phone software features and value-added services have been maturing, but there have been few noteworthy hardware advances. Now, the Innpu Communication Technology Co., Ltd. ( ) will break the ice.

With a commitment to change the way users access cell phones to prevent mobile phone radiation and produce new technologies, Innpu Communication Technology Co., Ltd. recently successfully developed the world’s first “wired phone” cell phone and will soon release it.

Innpu introduces the first mobile phone with built-in retractable headphones. When receiving a phone call, just pull out the built-in headphone line; when the call is complete, the headset and headphones automatically retract. This reduces the risk of cell phone radiation to the user’s head, while also frees up both hands.

This built-in retractable headphone module may appear simple, but in reality is quite technical. Innpu spent 5 years gathering multi-national technology experts for the development of polymer materials, new composite materials, and a continuous innovation process, all in order to surpass ordinary headphone winding capability, now enabling winding up to ten thousand times during the phone’s service life, but also overcome module size constraints, which can affect ease of use, speed, etc.

Innpu has already obtained proprietary intellectual property protection for this technology in the European Union, China, the U.S., Japan and many other countries and regions. Meanwhile, Innpu management believe this technology can hardly be copied. That mobile phone radiation is harmful to human health is controversial at present, but numerous medical experts believe that since cell phone communications send and receive radio waves, the process of using a phone will certainly have a negative impact on brain function.

To prevent radiation, most phones are equipped to use and come with external headphones, but winding the headset externally is not convenient, so almost all headphones are not used, and alone cause the world billions of dollars in wasted resources every year. Innpu hopes that this invention can change cell phone consumers’ traditional usage habits, in order to avoid damage to the head from mobile phone radiation and to conserve resources, but also make audio and video applications for mobile phone users with headsets more convenient. Although Bluetooth wireless headset technology is mature, frequent charging and the inconvenience of wear among other reasons prevent widespread use.

Innpu’s “wired phone” will soon be available around the world. Additionally, in the future this technology will be extended to the iPAD, notebook computers and other small mobile network terminals, including MP4, MP5 and other music video terminals.

SOURCE Innpu Communication Technology Co., Ltd.