Droid X to launch with Android 2.2?

Take it with the finest grain of salt for now (which, given that the Droid X is going to be announced in about an hour, shouldn’t be a big deal), but we just got a bit of a last minute tip regarding Verizon’s newest addition to the Droid line.

According to our tipster, Verizon is doing everything in their power to ensure that the Droid X is the first handset to hit the shelves with Android 2.2 pre-installed, Adobe Flash and all. It makes sense; the original Droid was the first to ship with Android 2.0 — and, given that Google has been implying that Android 2.2 isn’t quite finished yet — it explains why Verizon wouldn’t get more specific than July 2010 when they teased the Droid X in a video days ago.

Update: I’m waiting to get into the Droid X announcement, and just saw some folks with Adobe badges check-in and go straight to the demo room to get prepped. Adobe is almost certainly showing something, which adds a good bit of credence to this idea.