Steve Wozniak spotted camping out overnight in San Jose for his iPhone 4

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is no stranger to waiting in line outside of the Valley Fair Apple store in San Jose; He found his way to the front of the line for the launch of the original iPhone, and then joined it again for the subsequent launches of the iPhone 3G S and the iPad.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Woz is camped out at that very location right this second, awaiting the launch of the iPhone 4.

Could Woz get his iPhone 4 through other means? Undoubtedly. Heck, given Fedex’s recent unloading of many thousands of’em, he could very well already have one. Woz has said in the past, however, that he does it for the experience — and plus, tradition is tradition.

Update: Footage of Woz cruisin’ around Valley Fair on his Segway just came our way via Parth Debar and Krapps. Thanks guys!

[Image via Rainaxxmarie on Twitter]