Watching The Longest Tennis Match Ever On The Web: "Someone Will Win This One, Eventually"

The longest tennis match in history is going on right now at Wimbledon between John Isner of the USA and Nicols Mahut of France. They’ve been playing for more than 9 hours now, passing all previous records. Currently they are tied 58-58 in the fifth set. And there is about an hour of sunlight left in England. The two players are taking a toilet break right now. Update: The game was suspended at 59-59 after 9 hours and 58 minutes, and will continue tomorrow. Get out the Bengay!

If you want to watch online from the U.S. (the live video on the official site is geoblocked), your best bet is ESPN3, but only if your ISP is an approved partner (Go, VerizonFIOS!). The commentators are running out of things to say. One just pointed out, “Someone will win this one, eventually.”

In the meantime, there is ESPN3 and Twitter, where “Tennis Match” is a trending topic and a running commentary will keep you in the loop. Some good Tweets:

@Wimbledon: “Mahut v Isner match breaks record for most number of games in a singles match (previously 112). #tennis #record #wimbledon”

@cbrotz: “Who ever guessed ONE tennis match could end up as a DVD box set.”

@danielmaier: “Don’t want to be a dick about it but I did book that court for 7’o’clock.”

sbouchard: “Has anyone ever died playing tennis at #Wimbledon?”