Wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists to your Blackberry with Music WithMe

Are you a Blackberry user? Do you have a healthy iTunes library full of music? Are you tired of lugging a dedicated media player along with your Blackberry? ParkVu’s new Music WithMe app, available today at BlAppWorld for $15, is for you. It wirelessly synchronizes select iTunes playlists with your Blackberry, allowing you to enjoy your favorite mixes using the Blackberry’s default media application.

Key features

  • Using Wi-Fi or cellular connection, wirelessly syncs iTunes playlists to BlackBerry
  • Automatically updates your playlists on your BlackBerry – make changes to your playlists on iTunes and Music WithMe will mirror changes on BlackBerry
  • App runs in the background – Music WithMe does not have to be open on BlackBerry to sync
  • Works with BlackBerry’s native media player – store and play your tracks as usual

The desktop helper piece is Windows-only; but that shouldn’t be too bad, since all the Mac users will be sporting iPhones anyway! LOL!

Here’s the full press release:

ParkVu Announces Music WithMe App for BlackBerry Smartphones

Music WithMe Wirelessly Syncs iTunes Playlists to BlackBerry Smartphones

Louisville, KY — June 24, 2010 — ParkVu, innovators in making media truly mobile, today announced Music WithMe for BlackBerry* smartphones. Music WithMe wirelessly syncs users’ iTunes playlists with their smartphone, eliminating the need for a USB connection or secondary portable music playing device. Music WithMe provides the easiest way for smartphone owners to have their favorite music with them on the go.

Using a cellular network or Wi-Fi connection, BlackBerry smartphone owners can automatically and wirelessly download music files from thier iTunes collection to their device anytime, anywhere. Unlike streaming solutions, once music is downloaded, no wireless connection is required meaning no more data is used – saving money and battery power and providing a dependable music listening experience regardless of cellular reception. Users can sync as much music from their iTunes library as their BlackBerry smartphone can store.

“We are extremely excited to introduce Music WithMe to the BlackBerry smartphone community,” said Terry Goertz, co-CEO of ParkVu. “Music WithMe provides smartphone owners with the easiest way to get your iTunes music on your smartphone and keep it updated – without the hassle of USB cables.”

From within the app, users select which iTunes playlists they want stored on their BlackBerry smartphone. Music WithMe then works with iTunes on the PC to ensure that any changes made to the playlists are automatically reflected on their BlackBerry smartphone.

Music WithMe does not have to be open on the device to sync with iTunes. When the desired playlists are selected, the settings are stored directly on the BlackBerry smartphone. Using BlackBerry smartphone’s native media player, users can listen to their favorite songs from iTunes directly on their device.

Music WithMe is available at BlackBerry App World for a one-time fee of $14.99 after a free 30-day trial.

About ParkVu
ParkVu provides the easiest way to wirelessly sync and download your music on iTunes to your smartphone. Founded in 2008, ParkVu’s WithMe family of software meets the smartphone consumer’s demand for instant access to their media files, regardless of location, time or file size. ParkVu, with offices in Waterloo, Canada and Louisville, Kentucky, is a privately held company with backing from the Commonwealth Seed Capital through the Cabinet For Economic Development and the Kentucky Economic Development and Finance Authority. ParkVu is a BlackBerry Alliance Select Member. For more information, please visit http://music.withme.com


* System Requirements: BlackBerry OS 4.5 and above. Music WithMe is currently compatible with iTunes (v7.1 and above) on Windows XP/Vista/7.

ParkVu and Music WithMe are registered trademarks of ParkVu. All other registered or unregistered trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners.