And now there are camera problems with the iPhone 4?

Ah, the joys of first-batch Apple hardware. In addition to the hardware issues we’ve been seeing reported, there is now a group of users claiming that their rear-facing cameras are refusing to work at all. Apparently the shutter graphic just stays closed, and none of the buttons work. This occurs in the camera app or any app that calls in the picture-taking function, like Facebook.

Rebooting and restoring are doing nothing, so I’m guessing this is an issue with the code shipping inside the iPhone 4, since we haven’t heard reports of any other handsets freezing up. If this happens to you, you can of course reset your phone by holding the home and power buttons down for a few seconds, but if it continues, feel free to return it for a new unit. I’ll update this post if a solution is found.

Pretty borked rollout, Apple! Although to be fair, I played with one last night and it had none of the launch issues. So there’s one more data point, I guess. [Thanks, Brook]