BitBop brings mobile TV to your BlackBerry (and only your BlackBerry)

Now that Android and the iPhone (when it works) are all over the place, you question the wisdom of someone developing a service that works with neither. I’m referring to Fox Mobile’s new subscription service BitBop, which only works with BlackBerry. The BlackBerry is still probably the premier e-mail device out there, but I’m not sure I want to watch episodes of “24” on my Curve. Well, my imaginary Curve, as it were.

BitBop? It’s Fox’s new subscription entertainment service that… only works with BlackBerry. Well, so far. It’s not exactly written in the stars that BitBop, now and forever, will only work with BlackBerry.

It’s exactly what you think it is. You pay $10 per month to watch full episodes from companies like Fox, Comedy Central, Bravo, and Spike TV. (The full list of content providers is here.)

Again, the utility of such a service is somewhat limited if it only works with BlackBerry. Bring it to something with a little momentum, like Android, and then we’ll talk.

And even then: $10 per month to watch TV on your phone? Don’t you already pay for cable/satellite? Do you really need to watch episodes of “Hell’s Kitchen” 24 hours a day?

Meh, to each his own.