Manage expense reports with ProOnGo

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to fill out an expense report, but I remember clearly what a hassle it always was. Keeping receipts, and manually entering all that data: what a pain! Today’s smartphones make the tedium of expense reports a thing of the past. Simply install ProOnGo‘s new mobile expense report app, and you’re on your way to a happier life.

ProOnGo allows you to take pictures of your receipts which get sent back to their image processing servers for conversion into text. This saves you from having to manually key in all that data. Your expenses be exported into a number of common formats, which means you save time and effort.

The ProOnGo Expense with Receipt Reader app is free in the app store, but you’ll need a subscription to actually use it for long. Subscriptions are as cheap as a dollar a month, but you don’t get to use the OCR features of the app at this price. To really benefit from the app you need the $3/month plan, which lets you image up to 30 receipts a month.

ProOnGo can also use your phone’s GPS to automatically calculate milage reports for you.

Bonus: this app is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and Android. That’s nice to see!

ProOnGo also have a business card reader which works in a similar fashion: the image of the business card is sent back to an image processing server and the resultant text is transmitted to your phone. This is in contrast to ScanBizCards, which processes the image on the phone itself. The subscription for ProOnGo Expense allows you to utilize unused receipt scans for business card scans, making the subscription model a little more useful.

The folks at ProOnGo have offered three free six-month subscriptions to us to pass on to you, dear readers! Simply leave a comment below explaining how tedious your expense reporting is and how helpful ProOnGo will be for you. We’ll pick three lucky winners on Monday who will each get six months subscriptions to the $4.99/month package!