Poll: Does your iPhone 4 have issues?

Screen yellowing. Wonky cameras. An antenna that hates left-handers. If you take even the most cursory of glances around the Internet, it makes it seem like every iPhone 4 to come off the production line has one issue or another — but are the problems really that widespread?

Now that everyone has had at least 24 hours with the device (with an apologetic exception to all of the Best Buy/Walmart/Radio Shack pre-orderers that left empty handed yesterday), I’m interested to know: are you having issues with your phone?

We’ve got at least a handful of iPhone 4s amongst the TechCrunch Network’s battalion of writers, and most of them seem to have at least one notable issue. My personal unit is a shining example of the left-handed antenna shorting problem; one finger across the left band, and my signal plummets from 5 bars down to 0. My screens never shown the slightest hint of yellow (an issue which is purportedly caused by the still-wet glue not having dried yet after its trip from the factory), and the camera/proximity sensors work like champs. It does, however, have a terribly hard time staying connected to WiFi networks running on certain channels.

Are you having issues with your iPhone 4?

Got any other issues? Let us know in the comments below.