Visa starts family-friendly PayPal rival called payclick

PayPal haters now have another option to pay for junk online. It’s called payclick (all lowercase = money), and it was developed by Visa. They’re marketing it to teens and their families—“Safe & Secure purchasing for the family.” Basically, instead of using PayPal or directly using your credit card, you set up a payclick account then go to town.

You link your payclick account to a credit card or bank account (like PayPal), then select payclick at checkout.

By far the biggest online store using the system is iTunes. The other ones are here, if you’re so inclined.

It’s free to use for you and me, and sellers will have to pay “competitive” fees to participate.

The big idea is that parents can give their kids a payclick account, then keep the account flush with funds as they see fit. Kids can’t go around adding funds to their account without parental authorization.

Why did I just write a story about this? Oh, right: I’m killing time till the Spain-Chile game.