T-Mobile makes their Galaxy S variant, the Samsung Vibrant, official

We already knew a good amount about T-mobile’s variant of the Android-powered Galaxy S superphone. We knew about its 4″ AMOLED screen; we knew about its 1 Ghz processor. We knew about the 5 megapixel camera (with HD video recording!), and its 16GB of internal memory. We even knew about the $199 price tag and July 21st launch date.

What we didn’t know: when it’d be announced. Turns out, that’s tonight. T-Mobile just made this thing official, announcing that it’ll come preloaded with Sims 3 and a full copy of Avatar preloaded onto the 2GB microSD card. If you’re itchin’ for more info as soon as T-mo’s got it, you can sign up for notifications on their preview page right here.