AT&T and T-Mobile Nexus Ones receiving another Froyo update

nexus-one-frf85bIt seems like only last week that I talked about the final Froyo build rolling out to Nexus One owners across the country.

Now it seems that there is a newer build (FRF85B) rolling out over-the-air to T-Mobile and AT&T users running last week’s FRF83 release. There are also reports that some users running the (Android 2.1) build EPE54B are getting pushed the upgrade.

So is this the final Android 2.1 build? It could very well be, as both AT&T and T-Mobile are pushing it out, but I guess we’ll wait and see. It isn’t clear what changes have occurred since FRF83, but there shouldn’t be anything major hiding in there: it’s probably just bug fixes.

Looking for details on how to upgrade? Follow the source link for the skinny on how to do it.

[via Android and Me]