HTC EVO 4G gets an OTA update: fixes touchscreen "grounding" issues, speeds up WiFi

Got a Sprint EVO 4G? Go poke at the update button (Settings >> System Updates >> HTC Software Update) a few times — you’ve got some new goodies waiting for you..

Now, before you get too exited: No, it’s not Android 2.2 (Froyo.) It’s just a minor update — so minor, in fact, that Sprint barely seems to be acknowledging it. We’re hearing lots of reports of dramatically faster WiFi, which leads us to believe that the 802.11n chip inside the EVO has been enabled. Better yet, everyone we’re hearing from is saying that the “grounding” issue (wherein certain parts of the touchscreen wouldn’t work whenever the handset wasn’t being held, like when it’s laid on a table) is dead and gone.

Spot anything else in the update? Let us know in the comments below.