Uh oh: That HTC EVO 4G update might be bricking phones

A quick word to the wise for those about to party with the just-released OTA update for the Sprint HTC Evo 4G: tread carefully.

While I’m mostly hearing success stories, we’re also getting a fairly surprising number of tips in our inbox from folks saying that the OTA update just bricked (read: broke) their handset. While the vast majority of this group admits that their handsets were rooted (read: hacked for customization’s sake), some are alleging that their EVOs were daisy-fresh factory configured units.

Of those with supposedly standard units that are now broken, we’re told that the update appeared to come through a second time after updating. Thinking it was a two-part update or that they’d been chosen for some secret special upgrade, they tapped the update button again — and blammo, bricked phone. Unfortunately, a hard reset doesn’t seem to be fixing things for anyone we’re hearing from.

We just put in a quick call to Sprint CS, and the agent we talked to confirmed that they’d been getting calls about this issue since the update rolled out. The only current recommendation they’ve got, it seems, is to pop into a Sprint store and hope they’ve got a unit available for exchange.