Cisco Unveils Hosted Platform To Deploy Collaboration Applications In The Cloud

Cisco is launching a new Hosted Collaboration platform today, which allows partners to provide a wide range of Cisco collaboration applications, such as WebEx, an enterprise focused messaging platform, a contact center and more, to their customers via the cloud.

The Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution gives customers the ability to deploy multiple collaboration applications on one server in a virtualized environment and then host those applications for multiple client organizations.

It’s basically a cloud in a box, or rather a bunch of cloud apps in a box. Partners can purchase the solution from Cisco and then license the use of the collaboration applications to a number of customers via a subscription-based service. These partners can also use Cisco’s technologies to build applications on the hosted platform.

In other Cisco news, the company just announced a branded HD tablet running Android with full video conferencing and email and media access designed for business users. And Cisco also bought networking company Core Optics for $99 million.