Europe-only World of Warcraft t-shirts inspire us to greatness

When in doubt, write about World of Warcraft. Jinx, the geek-friendly online store, has three new t-shirts that may be of interest to you. Unfortunately, they’re Europe-only, so you’ll have to get your guild-mate from Liverpool to send ’em to you.

There’s a shirt promoting the Arena, a shirt featuring the all-conquering Worgen, and one featuring the Goblin, masters of the World of Warcraft economy.

Depending on the size, prices top out at $23.

If any of our European readers are feeling generous, I happen to think the Goblin shirt is quite, um, “posh.” Yes, that’s the word you guys use over there.

(Yes it’s a slow news day. That, and there’s no World Cup. I’m freaking out over here.)