Sony releases Xperia X10 software update: no Eclair just yet

While it isn’t the update you’ve all been waiting for (ie Android 2.1), Sony have just released (over the air) the first upgrade to their premium Xperia X10 device.

Sony have declared this a performance update, so it’s probably worth installing. Specific improvements, as per Sony Ericsson’s blog include:

This update focuses on improving the general performance, speed and responsiveness of Xperia X10. For example, there are speed improvements in messaging tasks and camera UI. In addition we add a free back up and restore application so you’ll never lose your settings and information. In selected markets, PlayNow™ with premium apps and games will also be added.

However, given how tricky this thing was to gain root on, I’d hold out on this upgrade if you’ve rooted your phone, at least until it is declared “safe to apply” by your favourite modder.

If you don’t want to wait for it to be delivered over-the-air, you can always head on over to and seeing if there is a manual install available to you.

The Android 2.1 update is still scheduled for a Q3 2010 release.

[via Android Community]