Contest: CrunchGear's Death Grip Support Group

Hello and welcome. There’s coffee and cake over by the door there, help yourself. It’s here to be eaten. Bathrooms are down the hall a bit, next to where you came in. Today we’re probably going to get a full house so file on in up front here. That’s right. Everyone’s friends.

Welcome to the CrunchGear Death Grip Support Group. We are going to be telling each other stories about how horrible our iPhone 4 reception has been. We’re going to clear the air, really dig deep, and really vent. A lot of you may not even have iPhone 4s, but don’t worry. I have something for you, as well. How – and what – can you win?

I have three iPhone 4 cases from Case-Mate and one iPhone 3G case from Quirky. These cases allow you, my good friends, to get rid of the terrible Death Grip problem once and for all. How do you win? Just comment below, describing the horror that is your life now that you own the iPhone 4.

We’re assuming, given all the hype about antenna problems, Steve Jobs telling us that we should stop and smell the roses, and class-action lawsuits produced by ambulance chasers that your lives have been overturned by this new phone and that you had hit rock bottom. We’re here to help.

We’ll pick four winners tomorrow at noon Eastern. Indicate whether you want a iPhone 4 or 3GS case in your comment. And remember: Don’t flee, don’t fight. Flow.