Hands-on with the Hulu Plus iPad App

Are you ready to pay $9.95 a month for more TV? Hulu Plus, Hulu’s subscription offering, essentially offers more TV for $10 including full seasons of many shows including Glee and everything else on TV that isn’t Glee.

The program is available for iPad and iPhone and will soon be available for PS3 (with a $9.95/month PSN subscription) and Xbox 360.

I love TV as much as the next man however I worry that the average user will just, well, you know, TiVo their favorite shows. However, if you’re out of town (but not out of the country since Hulu doesn’t work in Europe), Hulu may be a way to keep up with what those sassy kids are up to and how Mr. Sch will suggest as their next assignment.

Would you pay $10 a month for this? Thoughts?