Droid Incredible getting 720p recording and 3G hotspot?

The Droid Incredible might just become a little more incredible if this find pans out. A user over on AndroidForums spotted an Incredible with both 720p video recording and an HTC — not Froyo — 3G hotspot app. Yup, those two functions would bring Verizon’s Incredible to the same level as Sprint’s EVO 4G.

Seeing as the HTC-made Incredible is nearly an HTC EVO 4G with a smaller screen, it’s highly likely that the phone is technically capable of such functions. There might have been some back-room deal with Verizon or even Sprint to cripple the Incredible to make the EVO 4G that much more special. Who knows, but we can’t help dreaming of an Incredible that has all the tasty treats of the EVO 4G smashed into the smaller package. Maybe this is Verizon’s way of apologizing for the short supply of Incredibles. [via AndroidCommunity]