Have your say on the Digital Economy Act

The copyright infringement provisions of the UK’s Digital Economy Act have caused a lot of controversy, not least amongst tech entrepreneurs who face being stifled, when small, technology-driven businesses are core to the future growth of the UK’s economy.

The Act creates the potential for disconnection resulting from the Act’s guilty-until-proven-innocent system. It also means less public wi-fi because of the extra costs on wi-fi providers. That means less innovation bubbling up from the primodial soup of entrepreneurs and developers and much less flexible working when everyone needs that right now.

Plus it also means a threat to sites that permit user-generated content and web locker and software-as-a-service platforms. Why? Because the Act’s web blocking provisions let copyright holders get a site taken down for taken down for inadvertently hosting a small amount of copyrighted content.

Which is why we’d encourage you to go and give your feedback on this issue to the government’s newly created feedback process on legislation.

Have your say here.