WebOS 1.4.5 starts rollin' on out to handsets worldwide

WebOS’s first update since the HP/Palm merger closed has just started rollin’ out to handsets the world over.

The update improves the browser and security of the OS, but — more importantly — introduces final support for apps developed using Palm’s PDK. This is a first for the Palm Pixi.

Pee dee whatnow?

Oh, the PDK is Palm’s Plug-In Development Kit, which forms part of the webOS SDK. Basically, it means developers can port C/C++ applications over to webOS. The big push from Palm/HP here is that this means 3D gaming support for the platform.

What’s that? A big “yay!” from the Palm owners out there? Aww… you make me feel so happy.

Sprint owners should see the update very soon (they’ve already started pushing it your way), but Verizon owners will have to wait a little bit longer for the big red update door to open. Sorry guys.

[via Phone News]