Convert Your iTunes, Spotify, And Other Playlists Into Twitter Lists

If you’ve created music playlists using iTunes, Spotify,, YouTube, We Are Hunted, Winamp, Rhapsody, Soundcloud, or even if you’ve simply scribbled a list of your favorite tracks in a notepad file, you need to check out Playlistify soon. The basic, solid premise of the service is to let you enjoy your custom-made playlists anywhere you like.

I was looking for an excuse to write it up anyway, and now they’ve given me a decent one: they’ve added a new feature that lets you convert your music playlists into Twitter lists.

Basically, Playlistify is adding functionality that lets you convert your playlists into Twitter Lists, so you can start following your favorite bands and musicians on there, too, and stay updated on news, gigs and all sorts of random bits of information from their tweets.

Here’s how it works: anyone who uses Playlistify to analyze, convert and publish their playlist(s) so that it can be shared with and discovered by others, can place their list of tracks in the Playlistify Directory. From said directory, any visitor can connect to Twitter and add the available artists’ and bands’ offical Twitter accounts as a List to their own account. The playlist page also has a tweetbox preview with the latest tweets.

(It should be live now, or at least very shortly)

Users can also decide to only follow a selection of artists. Playlistify makes this simple and smooth by making use of Twitter’s @Anywhere, showing Twitter hovercards for easy selection.

Playlistify uses the information available on Freebase to enrich the playlists with the official Twitter accounts. The startup also retrieves Facebook, MySpace and official Web pages via Freebase, and displays these on the playlist pages whenever available.

Big caveat: from the 20,000 artists currently in the Playlistify database, only about 5% has a Twitter account synced. Hopefully, more will be added soon.

But as I said, this is mostly just an excuse to let you discover Playlistify on your own. If you use any of the aforementioned services for creating playlists and you’re interested in sharing your music collections, it’s really worth checking out.