The iPad Cam-Case rights the iPad by adding a swivel camera

The iPad is missing a camera and there is nothing you can say that will change my mind on the subject. Actually, I think it’s missing two cameras, but whatever. Apple will no doubt add cameras in the second or third generation just to con people into buying another one.

Anyway, there’s currently a concept that might bring a camera to the iPad before Apple. Chet Rosales designed the iPad Cam-Case and we must say, it’s nice. The dual-purpose design adds a protective bezel along with a rotating camera to the iPad.

Wired points out that Apple might even give their approval on the design. They allow for similar GPS backpack-type devices, so a camera might be allowed as well. The concept’s design is a bit rough, but as long the production version doesn’t detract from the iPad’s naturally sexy look, it might be a hit.