Twitter + Vuvuzela. What More Do You Need?

Twitter has been having a bit of difficulty remaining stable during the World Cup. But in some ways, it’s a nice problem to have — they’re seeing higher usage levels than they ever have. To some users though, the combination is extremely annoying. Anytime a team scores a goal, tweet streams become a solid chunk of “GOAAAAAALLLL” “#ESP GOOOOOOALLLLL”, etc. But it could be worse: at least Twitter doesn’t have vuvuzelas. Or does it?

Yes, there’s an account devoted to the annoyingly monotone musical instrument that’s all the rage right now in soccer stadiums across South Africa. It’s clearly the World Cup account to follow right now on Twitter if you’re stuck at your desk but want to get a feel for what it’s like to be watching the game in realtime. It’s not quite as annoying as YouTube’s vuvuzela button. But with all the retweets, it’s close.

Over 10,000 people are following this account. Brilliant.