American Eagle: "Try on our jeans, get a free smartphone"

Look at your pants right now. No, really, look at them. If you’re anything at all like me (and if you are, you have my condolences), you’re probably rocking a ratty-yet-comfortable pair of jeans. Now, if your phone is looking as crummy as your pants, and you happen to fall into the center of that Venn diagram up there, then you’re in luck — American Eagle has got just the promotion for you! The Pittsburgh-based clothing company, known for doling out freebies by the truckload if you try on a pair of their jeans, are offering up free smartphones at six of their West Pennsylvania stores.

Now I don’t know how many of you reading this fall into American Eagle’s target demographic (or would shop there even if you were), but this sounds like a pretty sweet deal. All you would have to do is schlep on down there, pop into a dressing room for five minutes, and receive a card with a URL that takes you to AE’s online phone selection. Only Android phones seem to be up for the offer, but somehow I don’t imagine most people would complain.

What’s that? You don’t live in Pennsylvania? Well, fine, forget the jeans and just go to their website. Deals are to be had for both new and existing customers, so mosey on over and see what’s up for grabs.

[via Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]