Review: Sumo Lounge Sway Couple

Short Version: It may seem strange to review a beanbag chair, but as I discovered, there are bean bag chairs, and then there are bean bag chairs. The Sumo Lounge Sway Couple definitely falls into the latter category, and could make most people rethink what a beanbag chair can be. The end result is a really comfortable chair that’s constructed with modern materials, and is a quality product that is ideal for a gaming room.


  • Polyester fiber fill
  • Available in microfiber or corduroy
  • Couple size designed for two
  • MSRP: $279


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Not just a “bag”, shaped like a chair
  • Filling made of polyester fiber


  • Large size maybe not fit in all rooms
  • Difficult to get up out of
  • Good for a rec room, but not really “grown up” furniture

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Full Review: I never had a beanbag chair when I was a kid. My brother and I were quite active and my parents were always concerned that we’d puncture it, and end up creating a giant mess. As such, I really don’t have a basis of comparison to the “old school” bags that people used in the 70’s. I can tell you that I find the Sumo Lounge Sway to be extremely comfortable, and very relaxing. The nice thing about the Sway is that it’s not just a “bag”. It’s actually shaped into a chair like form, which makes it surprisingly supportive, and extremely comfortable. Some of you might have noticed that I was missing for most of May and June; this was due to needing some back surgery. After I came home from the hospital, I was miserable – I was tired of lying in bed all day, but I couldn’t sit in a normal chair, or couch. Luckily for me, Sumo had sent the Sway to the me for review shortly after I went in for surgery. Now to be fair, I didn’t originally plan on sitting in a bean bag chair after back surgery but to my happy surprise, it was the most comfortable place for me in the house. Getting up was a bit of a trick, but luckily my wife was home to take care of me so I didn’t have to get up very often.

The Sumo Lounge Sway Couple is available in either microfiber or corduroy, and in a wide selection of colors. I keep referring to it as a “bean bag”, but the filling has absolutely no connection with the traditional bead filler used in the original versions – the Sway is filled with a poly fiber, which means that not only is there no risk of a messy disaster, I didn’t find it to have insulator properties like polystyrene does. You don’t heat up as you sit in the chair, so it doesn’t cause you to sweat. Sumo also guarantees that the polyester fiber will never go flat. As much use as my review unit has seen, I wouldn’t expect that to become an issue for many years

Unfortunately, all is not perfect. First off, let’s be honest, it’s a bean bag chair. You’re not going to have one in your formal living room, no matter how tempting the idea is. It looks good, sure, but it’s not going to do well in your house unless you have a really understanding wife (which I do). The other problem is that it’s hard to get up out of. You’re essentially sitting on the floor, so you’re going to end up rolling out of the chair and then standing up. The final issue is the price. The Sway Couple is a great chair, it’s incredibly comfortable, but it also sells for $279. That’s quite a bit of cash for a chair for in your rec room. I’ll be honest though, it’s totally worth it. If your home decor allows for bean bags, you really can’t beat the Sway. It’s perfect for just sitting watching TV, playing video games, visiting with friends, it’s just.. comfortable. It also draws kids like a moth to a flame. My son absolutely loves it, and whenever we have family come over there’s always a spirited discussion about who gets “the good chair”.

Conclusion: If you’re in the market for a big comfortable chair for chilling out in, and you’re not afraid of buying a bean bag chair, pick one of these up. It’s not cheap, but the price reflects the quality, and it’s worth it. I sat in the Sway when I was in pain from back surgery, and it was surprisingly comfortable and supportive, and is just great for gaming. I just wish it had a cup holder.