Netgear ReadyNas Ultra to transform local storage, but it’s not cheap

New from Netgear, this networked storage isn’t like your networked storage. While is does have all the standard features you’d imagine – redundant drives up to 12 terabytes – the ReadyNas Ultra also offers a multitude of ways to manage and store media files.

Partnering with TiVo, designers sought to allow TiVo owners the ability to store thousands of hours of TV right on the unit. Another partnership with Orb allows files to get the streaming treatment to a bunch of different mobile devices. Finally, an easy way to store and share files in your home or office – if it works well anyways.

Powering the storage device is Netgear’s first-ever installed PC chip, the Intel Atom. This makes the ReadyNas super fast; up to three times faster than other storage devices, says Netgear. However, you can’t just drop an Atom processor into a large storage device without moving higher up the price point.

Look to spend $899 for dual 2-terabytes drives, $1349 for six 1-terrabyte drives, and between $300 and $450 less for diskless storage devices. Arriving this month and look for a two-bay system in October.