Spain owns the social media conversation, Holland the positive sentiment #worldcup

Social CRM platform vendor Attensity has issued its analysis of the sentiment expressed throughout various social media platforms about the World Cup finalists. Based on data drawn from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, video and forum sites, the startup has concluded that while Spain owns the largest share of conversations across the Web, social media users speak slightly more positive of The Netherlands.

According to Attensity, 54 percent of the total conversation about the World Cup (by English speakers) is being directed toward Spain, yet, of that total amount, only 47 percent of the chatter has been positive in sentiment. While only garnering 46 percent of the total conversation, Holland, on the other hand, has seen greater positive sentiment (53 percent).

But, you ask, what does it all mean? Nothing really, but La Roja better win that damn World Cup since I bet hard-earned money on them doing so before the tournament started.

Who do you favor?