Blackberry Tablet information leaked, no release date

We heard a few months back that RIM was looking at building a Blackberry tablet, and it’s looking like the rumors may be true. On Friday the rumors got a whole new life due to analyst comments, and today it was more or less confirmed by “a source close to RIM”.

The source, who preferred to remain anonymous (as they do), leaked to Betanews that the tablet will most likely be 8.9″ in size, and have dual cameras. The new tablet is also rumored to support Flash, which could make it major competitor in the upcoming tablet wars. There have also been predictions of a slide-out keyboard as well as a new version of the Blackberry OS, which would make sense for a new product line. RIM also released a new video to YouTube today, giving us another peek at the new “BlackBerry 6” operating system. Seems like it would work really well with a touchscreen.