Intel: "Best. Quarter. Ever." (punctuation mine)
Intel has released its financial report for Q2 2010, and things are lookin’ good. I know finances aren’t really the focus of CG, so let’s stick to the interesting bits:

  • Atom sales are up 16% to $413 million (they’re appearing in more than just netbooks)
  • $2.9 billion in net income, i.e. profit (they’re doing gooood)
  • R&D spending was $3.25 billion (that’s a lot of R&D)

So they’re doing pretty awesome. Not that I’d expect anything else; we’re entering a recovery period, and people who have been putting off buying PCs for the last few years are opening up their wallets to buy all these bargain- and mid-priced PCs powered by Atoms and old Cores.

Man, it took forever to find that “Bunny People” ad